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Best Free Virus Removal Programs That Work.

What do computer professionals use to remove viruses off your PC? Why is it so secretive? The truth of the matter is, that anyone can remove a virus from their PC with a little basic knowledge and free software. Removing a virus is a process. It isn't as simple as using one program. Viruses are constantly changing and anti-virus software is constantly updating. Therefore, using a process of three programs will help catch everything and anything on your PC that shouldn't be there.

1. Spybot

One of everyone's all-time favorites. They do a great job scanning and searching to find anything a rye. I use this while in Safe Mode and follow it with the next two programs.

2. Malware Bytes

Fantastic. Does an excellent job and stays current. Again, I use this in safe mode and then follow it with the last program.

3. Combo Fix

I don't think I would have a PC today if it wasn't for this program. It catches the things the first two don't.

Why You Need A Virus Removal Tool

Going beyond the monthly Internet connection charges, there is the threat of computer viruses and other forms of online destruction, such as spyware. While it is not our intention to face these computer annoyances, we might not be as safe as we believe. There is a high possibility that a scan of your hard drive will reveal a collection of viruses and spyware. But never fear - this is what virus removal tools are made for.

It's unfortunate that many of us are clueless about potential dangers until they actually occur to us. I know I viewed computer viruses in the same way. I just figured that my PC (the one I had owned for many years) wasn't vulnerable to the online viruses and spyware everyone was talking about. Man, I couldn't have been more incorrect. One day, my computer started to download web pages rather slow. I naturally thought it was a glitch in my Internet connection. At last, I had someone look at my computer.

They found that a virus had infiltrated my system. My PC also had a lot of spyware. It became clear that I needed a virus removal tool. Unlike others, I did not head for the nearest Best Buy or pricey software center, but simply got online and located a virus removal tool. Luckily, I was still able to download despite my uncooperative computer. This next scan of my PC pointed out plenty of spyware I didn't know existed. It's kinda funny, I never even knew what spyware was all about until now. After the scan (which took hours), I was able to remove all of the garbage clogging up my hard drive. It was definitely time for a fresh start. Once all of the spyware was eliminated from my computer and the virus under control, my trusty PC was working as good as new.

Take a peek at what is available on the market. While Norton anti-virus software could be just right for your computer, a downloadable virus removal tool on the Internet is just as good. There are even some options that are free to download. You should take advantage of what they offer online.